New Blog, New Name!

How do you decide what to write for your FIRST blog post? You want it to be good, engaging, entertaining, AND educational. You want to set the tone for your new blog and you want to connect with your readership. I don’t know about you, but these are all things that have been running through my head  as I contemplated what to write about first.

Like many writers, or writers at heart, I have a running list of blog post ideas. I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for some time after all! So all week long I’ve been thinking, planning, STRESSING (can you relate?) about how to make my first post meaningful and important. We live in an era where everyone is an author. The internet has changed the landscape; social media has become one of our major news outlets, our magazines, an avenue for entertainment. In business, blogs are a useful and prevalent tool for increasing SEO, marketing, and overall web-presence.

But for me, it’s more about the connection. It’s communal, it’s about highlighting the awesome people that I live life with(in my house, and in this world). THIS blog will be more collective, it will be more collaborative, it will be different….I humbly hope.

I want the CCDS blog to reflect the many facets of the CCDS community. I want to highlight, to show off, the fabulous and talented professionals and people I am blessed to walk this walk with. I want to learn, to grow, and to love one another. I want to develop a sense of community. Big aspirations, big plans, big dreams, big hopes….

So the first big hope has been met. The blog has begun and the readership has joined in on the fun!  After much thought and deliberation, a name was chosen that is reflective of what my vision is for this blog. I love this new name as I think it explains well exactly what I’m hoping for. I hope we can all collectively have a voice about, well about lots of stuff. Birth, babies, research, education, business, family, you name it, let’s talk about it!

 I’d like to congratulate CCDS Doula, Emily Geyer, on her suggestion for The CCDS Voice Collective,our new blog name!

Many thanks to all of the contributors to the blog name contest! It was a hard decision and I really hope you like the new name!

Always growing, ever learning, much loving,

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