Published Work

Melissa has been honored to contribute to several publications in regard to childbirth.  Here are the links to some of her favorite contributions:

Podcast featuring Melissa: 

Incast with Injoy: DONA International: Certifying Doulas to Serve Families Since 1992 with Melissa Harley

Essays and articles Melissa has Authored:

bearing witness“A Mother’s Strength,” Bearing Witness, Childbirth Stories Told By Doulas

In this first book in the Bearing Witness book series, Melissa shared her experience while working with a couple who had unique challenges during the end of pregnancy.  Have you ever wondered how one would handle dealing with a true emergency(non-medical) during the end of pregnancy?  Emma and Ben did just that when they were forced to evacuate their home long-term during Hurricane Ivan.

joyful birth “The Many Faces Of Joyful Birth”, Joyful Birth, More Childbirth Stories Told By Doulas

In her second essay for the Bearing Witness series, Melissa explores what it means to have a joyful birth.   There are many pre-conceived notions as to what makes for a joyful birth, and Melissa uses the journey of a mother who has the most unique journey to a joyful birth to discuss how doulas can support and encourage clients to leave room for joy in all births!

Welcoming All Families, Supporting The Native American Family, Science and Sensibility, November, 2014

In this essay celebrating Native American families, Melissa explores some of the birthing customs present in past times as well those still present today.   There are many considerations when working with Native American families as a childbirth professional, and Melissa explores ways to honor customs of yesterday in the childbirth of today.  Click here to read Supporting the Native American Family, Science and Sensibility.

Nurturing Baby and Me During Pregnancy, spring 2007, The Journal Of Perinatal Education

In this book/cd review, Melissa discussed this supplement or moms and babies that encourages bonding during pregnancy.  To read the review, click here Nurturing Baby And Me.

Almost Home: Stories of Hope and the Human Spirit in the Neonatal ICU, fall of 2009, The Journal of Perinatal Education

In this book review, Melissa took the reader into the NICU as she discussed the book written from the perspective of a neonatologist.  Click here to read the review, Almost Home.

Collaboration: Doula Practice Models In Action, June 2015, DONA INTERNATIONAL BLOG

In this blog post for DONA International, Melissa explores some options available to doulas when deciding on the structure of their doula business.  Agency, Co-Op, Solo Practice? Read more to find out the benefits of each model.  Click here to read the post, Doula Practice Models.

National Publications that Melissa has been interviewed for about doula support and DONA International:

Fit Pregnancy

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Women’s Health Magazine

Really, What’s the deal with doulas?

DONA International Blog:

The Inspiration behind DONA’s New Brand Identity

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