New Year, New Blog!

1Hello CCDS friends! I have some exciting news just in time for the New Year! For a while now, I’ve been pondering and planning to begin this blog, and today is the day to jump in! I’m really looking forward to sharing some thoughts, hearing from you, and learning and growing together over the next year through this new avenue. I hope this blog will be a resource for expectant parents AND to birth professionals.  I’m excited to write and share some my insight, but I’m even more excited to feature many of you, my ever talented parents, students, colleagues and friends!

So without further ado, I excitedly introduce The CCDS…..oh, wait, we need a NAME!  Help me dear readers name the blog! Here are a few ideas that I’ve come up with (most of which I don’t love), what say ye?

xocolate ATELIER (1)

  • The CCDS Scrapbook
  • The CCDS Scratch Pad
  • The CCDS Jotter
  • The CCDS Collection
  • The CCDS Collective

Oh, and one last thing…for the person who successfully names the CCDS blog, I’ve got a little something for you!   So let’s hear it, be sure to post your suggestions in the comments below.

Always growing, ever learning, much loving,

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8 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog!

  1. Emily G says:

    CCDS Newsflash

    CCDS Birth Zine

    CCDS Doula Times

    CCDS Doula Gazette

    CCDS Posts by Doulas

    CCDS Doula Word

    And my husband’s favorite thing to say every time I say the word ‘doula’… The Doula-Oblongata 🙂

  2. AC English says:

    To add to what you and Emily have both said, I really like something with Collective since it will be a blog with posts from both you and others.

    CCDS Birth Blog
    Something to clump about
    CCDS Birth Collective
    CCDS Birthchat
    CCDS Bulletin or CCDS Birth Bulletin

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