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Live Online Childbirth Education

In response to COVID-19, we will be offering childbirth education online via video conferencing software such as zoom.  The classes will be LIVE, with our educator presenting materials in a similar manner to an in-person class however, the course will be conducted solely online.

Students will have the opportunity to interact with educator and to ask questions similar to an an in-person session. We will be offering both our private one-one classes in this manner as well as our small group class.

Dates will be mutually agreed upon once we get a few couples (smaller group), or directly with family for private sessions.

Course Registration:

LIVE virtual course  (series of 4 sessions): $235 per couple (Register below, limited space)

LIVE private session 2-sessions $150; 3-Sessions $225

Each session will last approx. 1.5 hours and will include video watching, imagery as well as demonstration of some topics.  Students will be able to interact with the educator and one another through video chat.

To register for the Live Virtual Small Group, please fill out the below registration. Please see private sessions page for more information about private sessions.

Want to learn more or have questions?  Please contact us directly at 850-443-7789.

Looking for a smaller, more intimate childbirth class with extra time to ask questions? Need a class that can work with your busy schedule? Look no further! These classes are smaller than the larger classes at CEAT, and will go a little further into the specific questions and concerns of the participants. The classes will cover the same topics of the larger class, but will have more time to meet the individual needs of the participants. The smaller size and comfortable classroom atmosphere allow for optimal learning and increased comfort with the process of childbirth.  The cost for classes are $235(total). For more information: Contact Melissa.

This smaller (3-6 couples) class will include information about the normal phases and stages of labor; comfort measures for labor; bonding with baby; breastfeeding; addressing fears and concerns about labor, birth, and the newborn; and much more! We will explore various techniques promoting the most healthy, safe birth possible using the Lamaze International philosophy about birth as our guide.

 Class Registration and Payment

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