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Techniques for Labor Progress Including the Peanut Ball (Approved for 3 DONA International CEUS)

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Have you heard of the newest tool for use in labor? According to a recent study published by AWOHNN, the peanut ball when used with epidurals has been shown to reduce overall time in labor.   Hospitals around the country are adopting peanut ball badgeWEBclearpolicies, but do they know how to use them?  In this upcoming continuing education opportunity, we will discuss advanced labor progress techniques including the peanut ball, it’s uses, and techniques to make the peanut ball a staple with doula clients

Scheduled Sessions:

Tallahassee, FL – October 17, 2018 (6:00pm-9:00pm)

*Contact Melissa to bring this workshop to your city*

$75(REG), $55(NURSES), $85(LATE)

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The Many Faces Of Joyful Birth(4 CEUS):

 We all want moms to experience a joyful, satisfying birth, but what does that really mean?  Is it possible that a doula’s vision of a joyful birth could be quite different than what the clients consider joyful?  In this breakout we will explore our own preconceived notions about what factors make for a joyful birth, consider alternatives, and develop skills to put mother’s needs for a positive birth experience above our own.

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