Private Childbirth Sessions

Would you prefer to learn about childbirth in a more private setting?  Perhaps you have scheduling conflicts with the group classes, or need something that will work around your individual needs.

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Melissa is available for private childbirth consults held in Tallahassee or other cities in which she travels. These sessions are great for those that want all of the info from a childbirth class, but for a variety of reasons, would prefer something more individualized.  Private consults are offered in 1, 2, or 3 sessions and a priced based on location and number of sessions.

Private sessions are great for:
  • Families with scheduling conflicts
  • Families with smaller children at home and no childcare
  • Families who want more one-on-one attention
  • Families seeking a refresher
  • VBAC families
  • Families  who can not make it to a group class
  • Families who desire to not be in a group setting
  • Families who want to individualize their learning based on their birthing goals
  • Families who feel they can be more open in a more intimate environment
  • Families who prefer that someone come to their home for classes
Session Topics May Include (Customizable)
  • End of pregnancy (normal signs, discomforts, comfort measures)
  • Normal labor/birth (what happens nuts and bolts)
  • Pre-labor, Early, Active, Transition, Pushing
  • Intro to Healthy Birth Practices
  • Birth Memories
  • Building Confidence for labor
  • Hormones of labor
  • Pain (facing it and coping with it)
  • Stimulating senses for pain management
  • Comfort Measures for Labor (with hands on practice)
  • Birth team/partner support
  • Common Interventions/Resources for navigating those
  • Pain Medication Options
  • Hospital Protocols
  • Decision Making for and during birth
  • Basic breastfeeding Newborn procedures


To discuss your individual needs for private childbirth education, please contact Melissa directly.  Currently booking private childbirth class sessions for due dates between September 2015-February 2016